Pair of watercolours framed by Samuel Dixon c1825

Pair of watercolours framed by Samuel Dixon c1825

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W: 38cm (15")H: 33cm (13")D: 4cm (1.6")

£750.00 Approx $932.84, €876.17

Pair of watercolours framed by Samuel Dixon.

Painting 1

Elizabeth Anne Maxwell afterwards, Mrs Henry Tritton of Beddington Surrey and her two brothers Charles and Henry Maxwell - inscribed verse, c1825.

Elizabeth Anne, daughter of the Rev. Patrick Maxwell was born in 1817, and therefore about 8 years old in this picture. She married Henry Tritton II (1815-77), a partner in Barclay Bevan Bening & Tritton - now Barclay's Bank - and bore him ten children. They lived at Ewell House Epsom. Original frame by Dixon.

Painting 2

A Maxwell daughter, possibly Elizabeth Anne, with her kitten, watercolour heightoned with chalk, probably aged 8. Therefore, dating to 1825. Companion portrait to w/c, Elizabeth and her brothers.

To be sold as a pair.

Framed by Samuel Dixon of Gt Portland Street (1820-39). Original watergilding under later gold paints.